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Things are starting to look up in the jailbreak scene; not because we have news of another jailbreak but because TutuApp is being revived. Old hands at jailbreaking will know this name from back in the days of iOS 4. Today, Cydia’s creator, Jay Freeman ( AKA Saurik ) , is getting together with some of the old jailbreak names to provide Tutu with full compatibility for iOS 7 upto iOS 12 with a view to releasing it under a new name of TutuApp.

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What is TutuApp ?

TutuApp is an alternative to Cydia that has complete source management built in. Users can choose from a number of different packages already available and download them directly to their iOS devices. Users also get the ability to manage packages they already have installed and update them when needed. TutuApp is open source; it is completely free and is fully compatible with all iOS 7 and above devices.


The only downside to TutuApp is that, although it is being touted as an alternative to Cydia, it can’t replace it, nor can it replace Substrate simply because there are certain packages that rely on Substrate to work. TutuApp doesn’t have Substrate compatibility but it will work perfectly well for those packages that don’t need it, mostly those that are already built-in to it in the same way that Cydia comes with several repositories already available. It has plenty of apps and games to choose from, including some of the best Cydia tweaks, modified apps and that all-important paid content for free.

Why Has TutuApp Been Released ?   tutuapp_new_appstore

That is a good question and the answer appears to lie in the fact that Cydia has not seen an update for iOS 10 or iOS 12. The Tutu Dev Team took the decision to rebuild Tutu from the ground up. The original Tutu App is very much outdated now with old-school graphics and user interface whereas TutuApp is now more than ready and capable to take on today’s jailbreak world.

Download TutuApp :

Downloading TutuApp is pretty easy and there are a few ways to do it. It is also worth noting that it has been made available for Android devices too, so they can get a taste of what it’s all about. The links below show you how to download TutuApp and how to delete it should you need to.


More and more of these Cydia alternatives are becoming available now that Cydia is not being updated. And, while they are never going to be direct replacements, they can fill in some gaps in the short-term.

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