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iOS may be one of the best mobile platforms and it may offer plenty of useful features, but it is very restrictive. Apple likes to tell us what we can and can’t do on our devices and that is something that Android users don’t get. Android platform is far more open than iOS, but they are still missing out on a few things, jailbreaking and all it brings for one. Because they can’t jailbreak, they can’t have the iOS apps and games and they can’t have the paid app store apps for free. That’s why the developers of a new iOS app installer, TutuApp, have opted to provide support for Android devices.

tutuapp android

TutuApp Android Features :

TutuApp is an unofficial iOS app store that Android users can now take advantage of. Some of the top features include:

  • Very easy to use, although the steps to get it on your Android device are little more involved
  • High-Speed Downloads
  • Thousands of apps and games to choose from, some modified, some paid content for free
  • Regularly updated with the latest apps and games
  • Easy to delete if you can’t get on with it

How to Download TutuApp on Android :

To download TutuApp onto your Android device, you must first download the APK ( Application Package File ) . Please make sure these steps are followed as written otherwise we cannot guarantee success:

  1. On your Android device, open Settings > Security and find the Unknown Sources option; enable this so that the APK will download to the device    android security unknown sources
  2. On your device , download the TutuApp APK file from this ( link )
  3. Unpack and save the contents
  4. Find the APK file and on your Android device, open the APK
  5. Find the file and tap it to start the installation
  6. Leave your device alone until the installation has completed and then you can start to use it tutuapp android. sss samsung-galaxynote5-white-portrait
  7. Enjoy the various categories of apps and games organized based on user interest and Top Trending apps and games for faster download.tutuapp android. sss samsung-galaxynote5-white-portrait

Frequently Asked Questions :

Have a look at our FAQ page to get more information on TutuApp and answers to any questions you may have:

Common TutuApp Errors :

TutuApp runs very well and is generally trouble free with the exception of some common installation errors that you can find solutions for on our errors page:

Fix TutuApp Not Working :

Because TutuApp is not an official app, the Google Play Store will revoke the app certificate within a week of you installing it. To stop this from happening, you can download a tool called NessVPN , which will protect the certificate and stop it from being revoked. Click the link for more details and a download guide.

  • https://nessvpn.org

As an Android user, is TutuApp an installer you would want to try ? Let us know what you think of it and if you run into any trouble downloading it. For more tips and tricks for your Android device, follow us on Facebook .

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